Whole Home Remodel

A whole home remodel is a huge undertaking, but there are some important reasons to consider a whole home remodel over a room by room makeover. A whole-home remodel can help keep a cohesive look and feel throughout your home. Our design-build team can walk you through the design process to show you how a whole home remodel can transform your home into your dream home.

Open Floorplan Transformations

Many older Houston homes were built with smaller rooms with separate cramped areas. The Birch Builders team recognizes that modern lifestyles can conflict with this type of layout and many people request a whole home remodel to open up the living spaces. We have found certain techniques to achieve this while retaining the charm and character of older homes.

Planning a Whole Home Remodel

Because of the scale of a whole home remodel, it will be important to establish priorities within the project. The Birch Builders design team can help you identify those priorities to make the most cost-effective choices within the budget. Then, if needed, we can create a plan built around your priorities as your budget allows.

Are You Ready To Start Your Home Remodel Project With Birch Builders?

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