Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions For Any Use

Wondering how to add more square footage to your home? Consider a garage conversion remodeling project. A home garage can be converted into a studio apartment, mother-in-law cottage, game room, or even a luxury man cave. A garage conversion may also be a great option if city regulations will not allow you to expand your main residence. A converted garage can also make a great office space because it is generally separate from the main home.

A garage conversion is a great way to compartmentalize activities that may conflict with the other occupants in a home. A home music or art studio is a good candidate for a garage conversion. Get the gamers out of your living room by converting your garage to a media room. Enjoy a night out without leaving your property by converting the garage into a pub-style billiards room.

Detached Garage Conversions

There are many benefits of converting your garage beyond adding square footage. Detached garage conversion to a studio apartment can provide a sense of independence to college-aged children while keeping them close to home. A garage converted to a studio can provide a stream of income.

Convert Your Garage To An Office Space

Ever thought of starting your own business? Nearly half of Americans claim to have some form of a side hustle. A converted garage can give you just enough extra space to store inventory or have a quiet space to work in peace.

Start Planning Your Garage Conversion With Birch Builders

Transform your garage into something really spectacular.