Wine Room Closets

Custom Designed Wine Room Closets

If you are thinking about building or converting a closet into a wine cellar, Birch Builders has the expertise to help you realize this dream. We can take your inspiration and collaborate with our technical understanding of an optimal environment for wine storage to ensure your custom wine room closet is both beautiful and functional.

Have Complete Control Of Your Wine Room Closet

Wine room closets require close attention to climate control. This is why you should turn to our experts to design and build your custom wine room closet. We understand you went to great lengths to carefully curate your wine collection and we can help you preserve its integrity.

A wine room closet needs to maintain a humidity level above 57% but no higher than 70%. This is a pretty narrow range to control, especially in Houston weather. Your precious wine could run the risk of growing mold in the cork with too much humidity and too little would risk damaging the seal of the cork.

Birch builders can size and build wine room closet your collection deserves, from a small built-in wine cellar in your kitchen to a full room of cedar shelf lined walls. We can also help configure backup support to continue to power the climate control in case of an electrical outage.

Are You Ready To Create The Ultimate Wine Closet?

When you are ready to design your custom luxury wine room closet or convert a closet into a wine cellar, call us for a consultation.